Food and Drink

In this section I've tried to give you a range of ideas to explore. Some of them can significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce, save you money and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Some may involve an initial outlay for equipment others will require a bit of space but there are a lot of ideas that a cheap to implement.

Cook enough for a couple of days and serve with different accompaniments the next day or freeze. Many plant based recipes take longer to make and sometimes you might not have the time.

Shopping locally and seasonally will reduce the carbon footprint of your food and helps the local economy.

Grow your own.

Freeze produce when there is a glut. We eat most of our green beans from the freezer. There is so much choice on the allotment that we don't miss having the beans but really appreciate them in the 'hungry gap'.

Take advantage of special offers or reductions in the shops by learning how and what freezes well, how to make jam, preserves, pickles, sauces etc.

Buy in bulk to reduce packaging. You do need to have room to store the larger packets.

Zero waste stores are popping up locally although surprisingly some don't offer a very wide range of organic produce.