There are many websites, Instagram or Facebook accounts dedicated to minimalism and even courses and challenges to help declutter your home. However, all you really need is a basic understanding of the benefits of a nod towards minimalism.

Dealing with the clutter in your life, physical or mental, will help you live intentionally and give you more time for creativity, purpose and relaxation.

If you are feeling anxious about how much you have to do, use lists it allows your brain to relax without feeling the need to hold on to all the information. I began bullet journaling in 2020 but in a minimalist way, I don't use pretty hand drawn pictures and headings but use a lot of washi tape instead. I have To-do lists, wish lists, calendars and jot down notes from articles I have read.

Live intentionally think about how you spend your time, are you living in the moment. Are you always dreaming of the next thing? Do you ever get drawn into relentless scrolling through social media without a purpose? I know many times I've picked up my phone to look up something on Google and then decided to 'have a quick look on Facebook' and forgot what I wanted to find out in the first place. The internet is a wonderful resource, after all you found this site, but it can take up far too much of our time.

Take control of your time and how you want to spend it. Don't be afraid of saying no.