Making bread can seem quite daunting at first. There are several benefits to making your own bread. You know exactly what ingredients are in it, you can adjust the ingredients to your own taste and it reduces the packaging you buy. Making specialty breads will save you money compared with the organic specialty breads in a supermarket or bakery.

Bread is quite often thrown away because it has gone stale or mouldy. Homemade sourdough bread has a longer shelf life than even shop bought bread. I have experimented with several different ways of making sourdough ranging from the very time consuming and wasteful (if you don't make things with the left over starter) to my new favourite - lazy sourdough.

I make a large loaf and slice the majority of it. I then freeze the slices. The slices come apart easily and you can easily pop them in the toaster, most toasters now have a frozen bread button.