The recipes and information here are plant-based.

When we do eat meat we try to source organic meat from smaller producers. We purchase our meat from Riverford Organic who 'work with small-scale producers who can offer a level of care for their animals that intensive farming systems cannot'.

During the winter we supplement our vegetables form the allotment with vegetables from Riverford. Riverford are introducing electric vans and are working hard to change all their packaging materials. Their compostable plant plastic bags are in my compost heap, we'll see how good they are next year! Riverford packaging development is also patent-free as they want other companies to make use of sustainable packaging too.

In following a predominantly plant-based diet it is really important to be organised or you can fall into the trap of buying overly processed foods. Check the ingredients of sauces there are several surprises.

I've found that having my beans and lentils quickly to hand I am able to see what I've got and put something in to soak before I go to work. See the Pantry section for storage ideas, items to stock and staples you can make cheaply at home such as vegan mayonnaise and vegan Worcestershire sauce.