Reducing Waste

There are many websites and groups that explain why we should reduce waste so I'm not going to do that here. Instead here are some ideas to get you started on your journey to a more sustainable, intentional life. It is a sobering thought that we will run out of landfill space in the UK. Even if you are not convinved by all the arguments, if you reduce waste you will save money!

Reducing waste can be addictive but can be stressful as you begin to look at what you use. Remember that any small change that you make is helping. Plastic has had a lot of exposure in recent years and its easy to feel overwhelmed. If you're not quite ready to give something up completely just changing to multi-use plastic or even just using less will be making a difference. Some changes are easy to make you can carry organic cotton, jute or string bags with you to avoid buying plastic bags. Keep your bag for life going for as long as you can.

'Committed Recyclers are among the worst 'contaminators' - Keep Britain Tidy, research report *
Make sure you keep up with your local Council's information. The information on the packaging is often unreliable or incomplete.

Living sustainably doesn't mean rushing out and re-buying new sustainable products. If you have a stock of bathroom products you bought half price use them first, if you have a plastic dish washing brush use it until it needs replacing.

Look through the website, each section will have ideas for reducing waste. The kitchen probably produces the most waste in a house through packaging and food waste, it has its own section The Kitchen

It is great that there are people out there doing the zero waste thing perfectly but if we all make some changes no matter how small ...

Remember there is no such thing as 'away'.

*Inside the Head of the Contaminator - Centre for Social Innovation Research Report September 2020