Hair and Bodycare Products

Finding and alternative to your favourite shampoo, soap and deodorant is difficult. It takes a lot of trying different products and to be honest I've not found any that out perform my favourite chemical products. Perhaps the hardest to replace is deodorant.

Your body needs time to adjust to the new product and sometimes you need to go through a bit of a bad hair day/week.

Replacing toothpaste is something neither of us have done. I use a sensitive toothpaste and there isn't even an alternative package to the plastic tube. I do use a metal tube winder and squeeze every last bit out though.


A razor with replacement blades takes a little while to get used to but we're both happy with this alternative to plastic razors.

Shaving soaps lather well and last an incredibly long time compared with shaving foam canisters or tubes of shaving gel.

Toothbrushes and floss

As we both have an existing electric toothbrush we will continue to use them but will use recyclable replacement heads. Bamboo toothbrushes are now sold in most supermarkets. There are wooden alternatives to floss picks and silk floss which is biodegradable and compostable.

Tube Squeezer

For those products you just can't get in better packaging use a tube squeezer to get as much out of the tube before you need to buy another.

Soap and Shampoo bars

These nearly always come in cardboard. You need to be a little careful not to leave the bar in a pool of water. Soap saver bags are great for keeping small bits of soap from disappearing down the plughole.

For those old enough to remember - soap on a rope is back!

Switching to natural shampoo needs a time of adjustment. You also really need to try a range of products to find one that works well with your hair type.

Homemade Products

Making your own bodycare products will reduce the packaging you buy, you will have control over the ingredients and often you will save money too. See Natural Bodycare Recipes

Cotton Wool, Sponges, Wipes

All of these items can be replaced with reusable and/or biodegradable options.


Plant-derived ingredients are being promoted and many brands are actively reducing their packaging. More brands are also offering refillable products. Even nail polish and remover are becoming less toxic.