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How to use worm poo

Worm poo or castings is actually more like soil, its not smelly. It is high in nutrients and retains moisture.


Sprinkle on the layers of brown material in your compost heap

Mix a trowel full in each planting hole to help with root establishment

Topdress container plants

Add with the soil for container planting to help with water retention

Make worm tea by mixing worm poo with water 500g to a bucket of water. Worm castings with molasses increases the benefical microbes. Use about 3 tbs of molasses and leave overnight. The tea won't keep very long so use it within 3 days. Dilute to a weak tea colour.

The wormery will generate liquid worm wee! I keep the tap of the sump open as if you forget you can easily drown your worms.

How to use worm wee

Worm wee collected from the drain is a leachate the by-product of partially decomposing fruit and vegetables. Mix with water a ratio of 1 part wee to 10 parts water. It will look like weak tea. Don't use fresh tap water as the worm wee is full of good bacteria. Make sure that it is really well diluted especially when using with young plants.

What to put in the Womery

fruit peelings (not citric)

veg peelings (not too much garlic, leeks, onions, potatoes)


uncooked food scraps (not fish or meat which is better in the Bokashi bin)

cooked food scraps (bury to avoid smells but better in the Bokashi bin)

tea bags empty the contents unless using tea bags without plastic

paper towels

cardboard tubes

newspaper - several sheets each month

egg shells

occasional lime application approx. every 6 weeks less if using egg shells but grind them