Smelling Sweet

If you were wanting yourself to smell sweet see Hair and Bodycare Products

Everyone wants their house to smell pleasant. Cooking smells linger and, although you might not be able to, other people can smell your pet! It is really tempting to burn candles and use air and carpet fresheners however they are full of chemicals which release toxins and can pollute the environment.

Try to open windows regularly especially if you have modern, draught free windows.

Choose houseplants that can purify the air, see NASA's list.

Use alternatives to candles made from paraffin wax, a petroleum waste product, use beeswax, soy or canola/rapeseed.

Use diffusers with essential oils rather than plug in or spray air fresheners.

Natural air fresheners can be made from bicarbonate of soda and essential oils or from gelatine.

Use herbs and flowers to scent a room.

Pine cones can be cleaned in cold water and then dried in a cool oven. Once cool put them in a large sealable bag add a few drops of essential oil and shake every couple of days. You can then use them in a bowl or string them up.