A bit strange to see this in a website about sustainability but gratitude helps to ground you. Paying attention to what you have, whether its people, possessions, the world around you, can balance the feelings we all have of what if... or when I have... Constantly feeling what we have is not enough can affect our happiness in life and with life.

The grass is always greener until you can start to appreciate what you actually have. Our minds always picture ourselves being happier in the future for example if we were to move house. Our thoughts are fast tracked they don't include all the things that might go wrong, the amount of planning and paperwork involved or the stress of moving. Our mind will paint a positive picture of our new life with only a fleeting visit to consider the things that might be wrong with the new house, the new neighbours from hell...

Be present in the moment, take time to appreciate your surroundings, don't always reach for your phone to take a photo. Let your brain form a memory using all your senses.

Take time to appreciate your journey towards a more intentional, sustainable way of living. Acknowledge the journey won't end and that you are doing a great job just doing what you can.