Thinking Differently

This website is not here to discuss the problems with single use plastic, greenhouse gases or the current predictions for climate change. I think everyone realises that the current way of living on this planet is not sustainable and that change is needed. Hopefully you can take a few ideas from here to start you on your own journey towards a different way of living.

Trial changes but accept that what works for some people may not work for you. Remember whatever you do will make a difference. If there are lots of 'yous' change will happen.

Individual action can influence those around you. The first thing you can do is to lesson the impact you personally have. Conspicuous nonconsumption will help towards climate responsible choices being less 'out-there' and more socially acceptable. There are still several people that know us who think we are completely mad but there are many more who are interested in what we are doing and have become more aware of their own impact on the world.

Try to reduce the amount of 'things' you bring into the home. Do you spend more time cleaning and organising things than actually using them? Learn a little about minimalism, it isn't all about white walls and grey furniture.

Using subscription services such as Spotify or Netflix avoids the need to buy CDs and DVDs and their storage.

Magazines and books can be borrowed from the library and read electronically. You can also buy digital subscriptions or books.

Reduce your waste. Reuse everything you can, even aluminum foil can be used a few times with a quick wipe!

Go paperless - for most companies you can receive bills, statements and reminders electronically.

If you can't reuse find someone who can - rehome your old furniture, sell or give away clothes that no longer fit or you have fallen out of love with.

Deal with your rubbish. There is no 'away' everything you bring into the home needs to be put somewhere after use. The rubbish bin and even the recycling bin do not take things away, they end up somewhere.

Look at your food waste and deal with it. Food waste will not rot safely in a black bin bag in landfill. If your Council doesn't collect food waste then you need to explore composting, womeries and Bokashi bins.

Learn a bit about happiness and gratitude. Try yoga, mindfulness, play music, sing, craft... Keep moving forward.

There is an old proverb - 'The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second best time is now'